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Just a little reminder for you guys (and girls, hehe) that this site is now on a different address :

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  1. Stargate Atlantis messeging
  2. The new U.S.S. Enterprise
  3. Pimp my ride
  4. FBI demands SkyNet, uh, server in the sky…

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BlizzCast – episode 1

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BlizzCast – Episode one of new Blizzard Entertainment podcast series, BlizzCast is here.

    To kick off our BlizzCast series, we’ve decided to begin where every great Blizzard idea begins, at the concept level. To speak with us we have Samwise Didier, our Art Director and concept artist to many of the popular Blizzard icons you’ve grown to love such as the Pandaren, Fel Orcs, Dark Templars, Zerglings, and many more.  We’ll be chatting with Samwise on how he came up with the characters he did, as well as what it is like to work on both the Warcraft and StarCraft franchises.
Be sure to view the transcript to see all of the artwork.

Download first episode in mp3 format or read the transcript.

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  1. Quick thoughts about Sarah Connor Chronicles
  2. Heroes action figures
  3. Torchwood personality test

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Starcraft boardgame

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Fantasy Flight Games – In StarCraft: The Board Game, players take control of high-tech armies and battle for dominance in an ever-changing galaxy. Take command of your favorite race and set out to conquer!

Two to six players each take the role of an important leader from the StarCraft universe – Jim Raynor, Arcturus Mengsk, Judicator Aldaris, Executor Tassadar, Sarah Kerrigan, or the Overmind – and take command of powerful armies. With three distinct races, each with two unique factions, each game of StarCraft: The Board Game will be different.

The Galaxy
At the beginning of the game, players assemble a galaxy of interconnected planets, each with regions containing resources such as valuable minerals, vespene gas, and conquest points. Planets are connected by both normal and z-axis navigation routes, representing the three-dimensional nature of space. By strategic placement of valuable worlds and navigation routes, players can create strongholds for themselves or connect their worlds to planets ripe for conquest.
Once the galaxy has been assembled, players place their initial bases and units and the conflict can begin!

There are three types of resources found on the planets in the StarCraft galaxy: minerals, vespene gas, and conquest points. Minerals and gas are harvested by workers and used to build units, research new technology, build new bases, and buy base upgrades. Conquest points are one way in which players win the game – having a unit or a base in the same region as a conquest point resource will add conquest points to a player’s total each turn, ultimately bringing her closer to winning.

In situations of dire need (or if a player suspects that she will lose control of a region), extra workers can be dispatched to aggressively harvest a region, depleting it. If a region is sufficiently depleted, it will become devoid of resources and cannot be used again. Only regions containing minerals and vespene gas can be depleted – conquest points are never harvested by workers.

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Mondays posts at

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  1. Mamoru Oshii turns to movies
  2. Will Cloverfield live up to the hype?
  3. Podcast of “The Hacker crackdown” has concluded
  4. 17 sensational free and downloadable graphic novels

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