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SF Novelists blog

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SFNovelists via Boing Boing – SF Novelists is a new group blog by dozens of science fiction novelists, where they’re talking about the work of being an sf writer — the nitty gritty of writing, managing your career, and all the minutae of life in a very strange trade indeed. The contributor list is incredibly impressive, too. Check it out HERE.

Scifirama hits 1000

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We are proud to announce that SciFiRama “scored” 1000 views over the last 20 days. That is huge for me as a creator of this blog and makes me very proud because I started Scifirama only 20 days ago. Since I didn’t expect it to become popular this has been a surprise but very nice one, off course :).

So, thank you, dear readers. I will try to make Scifirama be as good as I can. See you when we add another zero to view count 😉 . –[Phlatline]–

Heroes Evolutions – online game

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SF Signal – I know that many fans, and most of us here, were disappointed with the second season of Heroes. However, I continue to be impressed with the way NBC is using the internet to continue to generate interest in Heroes. Of course they have the nice online comics
that give more depth to the stories, and the are continuing to add to the Create Your Hero section. And now they are delving into Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) as well with their Heroes Evolutions game.

Evolutions is the story of Hana Gitelman’s attempt to track down the mysterious Richard Drucker. ‘Hana’ has her own blog where she leaves clues for people to decipher. And Primatech Paper has it’s own website, with views from its security cameras for all to see.

I’m not big on ARGs myself as I’m not much of a puzzle guy, but LOST ran a successful one a year ago and now Heroes is following suit. If this is your thing, or if you want to learn more of the Heroes story, you should check it out.

SciFiChick reveales:

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SciFiChick – 13 Things I Learned from Watching Wonder Woman:

1. Wearing your hair up and donning glasses is a great disguise. Even fellow government colleagues, whose job is to track down spies, won’t recognize you.

2. Though I guess she has had worse disguises.

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How to write a (sci-fi) novel?

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Tobias Buckell Online – Ever wanted to know how pro writers write their novels? Tobias Buckell decided to let us in his writing life and give us a peak on how he does it:

Someone in the comments section asked how I wrote my novels. Here’s a quick peek at how I seem to handle it grabbed from an email sent to a friend and with a couple screenshots I snagged.

First off, I spend time lying upside down on the couch with a pillow over my head. This is called ‘plotting,’ although I understand that *sometimes* it can look like I’m actually napping.

Sometimes that does happen, but usually if the pillow is over the face that indicates plotting.

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