Summer Glau Takes on a Mammoth. . . Mammoth!

SF Universe – Though it sounds like some wacked out Discovery Channel version of Celebrity Deathmatch, it’s actually a SCI FI Channel original movie that hits DVD this week.

Mammoth (bet they stayed up all night thinking of that title) stars Firefly’s Summer Glau as “Jack” (yes really) the fiesty daughter of the only man alive who can save the world from this reanimated beast.

You know how it goes, meteor smashes into a Pleistocene museum, giving life to a frozen, 40,000-year-old mammoth who is pissed as hell and not going to take it anymore. Said mammoth goes on rampage and who will stop it?

Special Agents Powers (Leila Arcieri) and Whitaker (Marcus Lyle Brown) are given 17 hours to kill the mammoth (17? You couldn’t make that a full 24?) or else the entire town will be decimated.

The agents recruit local paleontologist Dr. Frank Abernathy (Vincent Ventresca) to help them hunt down the creature with the aid of his daughter and his (get this) “B-movie-fanatic father”, Simon (Tom Skerritt).

There’s a whole lot of stomping going on as the digital beast wrecks havoc and that’s not to mention what he does to the town!

Let the rampage begin!

“You can’t release this movie! I have a career now! I’m starring in the new Terminator TV Show! I’ll get you for this SCI Fi!!!”

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