Avatar in 3D

SF Signal – You probably know by now that James Cameron is hard at work on his new movie, Avatar. We have the supposed teaser poster to the right, and our Bevy of Blue and Green Babes post even has a picture of the Avatar alien. But did you know that Cameron is filming Avatar in 3D? Yes, 3D.Not the crappy red/blue 3D of yesteryear, and not even the new fangled polarized 3D you see every now and then. No, Cameron created a brand new 3D camera, that works like a pair of human eyes, and shot the entire thing using this new camera. You’ll still have to wear polarizing glasses though. You may wonder how/why this is different. I know I did. Then, thanks to the magic of the Internet, I found this explanation on 5Min.com.

From a technical standpoint, this is really cool, watching the camera in action is interesting. Of course, we can’t really see how the film looks because the Internet isn’t in 3D. Yet. Now I’m even more curious about this movie, aside from the SF-nal aspects and is Sigourney Weaver the hardest working actress in the SF genre? Although, since I wear glasses, I hate wearing yet another pair over them to get the 3D effect. Summer 2009 seems quite a ways off though. Must be all the post-production work.

Has anyone seen Cameron’s Titanic documentaries that are in 3D? I’m assuming they use the same 3D camera as Avatar. Maybe the new Imax theater down the street will show them when it opens.


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