5 of the worst sci-fi series of all times

TV Jab – You know, there has been some seriously terrible Sci-Fi on television throughout the years. This list is not the absolute WORST of the bunch – that’s almost incalculable. This does, however, showcase 5 truly terrible sci-fi series, none of which lasted very long – and a few of which I’ll bet you haven’t ever heard of.Future cop

Ernest Borgnine starred in this terrible, terrible series about a robotic police officer “a cop from the future, a future cop”. Ernest played the steadfast father figure to the Data-like robotic cop, while John Amos screamed a lot, made “white boy” jokes, and continued to be flabbergasted at the amazing things that the new rookie cop could do.

Surprisingly, the show ran from 1976-1978.Gemini Man

Secret Agent Sam Casey was injured in a diving accident which rendered him Invisible (an all too common side effect of diving accidents in the 70s). Luckily for him, an agency called INTERSECT, managed to work this little problem out for him by giving him a “DNA Stabilizer” in the form of a wrist watch. However, after getting the wrist watch he could only turn Invisible for 15 minutes a day or he would die.


Man from Atlantis

Patrick Duffy starred as – you guessed it – a Man from Atlantis. Is superpowers included being able to breath underwater and withstand extreme depths. With those kinds of abilities how on earth could a show get cancelled?

Oh…yeah…he’s a freakin’ fish man. That’s lame.

The powers of Matthew Star

The 80s weren’t particularly good to sci-fi on television either. This particular crapfest is explained perfectly in the series opening video above. Louis Gossett, Jr starred as the guardian of an alien prince who was your typical All-American kid…except of course, that he wasn’t.


Judson Scott (who?) starred in this extremely short lived series about an ancient astronaut with super powers.


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