Looking back at 2007 : part two

SF Universe


Spider-Man 3 is the talk of the “web”
“Scotty’s” cremated remains are shot into space
Author Kurt Vonnegut dies at age 84
Painkiller Jane hits SCI FI and it’s viewers who feel the pain
Grindhouse makes us long for the B-movie days


Ronald Moore announces that Battlestar Galactica will end in 2008
Star Wars Celebration IV opens in LA
Katee Sackhoff to guest as original Bionic Woman
Author Fred Saberhagen dies
SCI FI casts Flash Gordon remake series
Lost to end in 2010 (talk about urgent news)
Whedon does Angel Sixth Season in comics


CBS renews Jericho and begs fans to stop sending nuts
John Hurt confirmed for Hellboy 2
Gene Roddenberry is inducted into the SciFi Hall of Fame
Stargate SG-1 wraps after a ten year run
Amanda Tapping joins Stargate Atlantis
James Marsters to guest on Torchwood
Transformers hype runs rampant

See you tomorrow for part three 🙂


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