Duke Nukem 4 ever is HERE!!!

Believe it or not, Duke Nukem For Ever, long waited sequel of Duke Nukem 3d from 1995-1996 or whatere is here! Well, at least we got this trailer-teaser-thing. It looks promising but knowing 3d realms I’m skeptical and I’m gonna stay like that until the game actually gets a release date 🙂


2 Responses to “Duke Nukem 4 ever is HERE!!!”

  1. I looked at some of the freeze frames and the few full resolution screenshots that were released along with the trailer a while ago and…

    For a game that’s supposed to be using the latest Unreal engine, it sure does look bad. I mean, we’re talking pre-Doom-3 kind of graphics here. And they switched from the Doom 3 engine to the Unreal engine to have better graphics!

    There’s been some serious slacking going on over at 3D Realms in the past 10+ years. Either that or they’re still using blocky 3D models created in the first half of this decade.

    Still, the fun factor might outweigh the poor graphics.

  2. Agreed. Still, Duke is one of my favorite PC characters, I don’t really care about graphics. But for a game that’s been work in progress for last 10+ years (I think around 12 even) it doesn’t look impressive …

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