B movies: A boy and his dog

B movies – This is a site dedicated to b movies. There you’ll find literally hundreds of movies and they are completely free! You just need broadband connection and watch away 🙂

My suggestion is that you watch A boy and his dog, in sci-fi section. Here’s what it’s about:

Phoenix¸ Arizona 2024 AD: nomadic hunter-gatherers roam the radioactive wastelands ravaged by World War Four. Libidinous Vic has managed to survive his eighteen years as a ”Solo” thanks largely to the aide of his far more intelligent – not to mention telepathic – companion Blood¸ a ”Rover” who searches out supplies¸ women¸ and enemies and provides the requisite witty repartee. A post-nuke buddy pic? Well¸ of sorts–you see¸ while most viewers will recognize recently-bankrupt ”Nash Bridges” star Don Johnson as the very young solo¸ fewer will realize that Blood is portrayed by the same veteran who managed to avoid being stereotyped as ”Tiger” on The Brady Bunch.


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