Terminator 4 – plot details

Terminator chronicles – some more juicy informations about upcoming blockbuster:

With the casting of a big name like Christian Bale as John Connor in T4, you expect more news about the movie to come out, and they have. The latest comes from CHUD, who has some major scoops. Remember those rumors we heard that the next Terminator trilogy will be about a new character and NOT John Connor? Turns out they’re true, after all.

Kind off. Yes, John Connor WILL be in T4 and T5, but according to CHUD, Connor (Bale) will have only a small role in T4, but will have a bigger one in T5. No idea about T6, though. (Remember, the producers have mapped out a trilogy here for themselves; they aren’t making T4 and hoping they can do a couple of sequels; they’re going about it as if they WILL do two more sequels.)

And who is the main character? Apparently a guy name MARCUS. Yes, Marcus. He’s described as a “bad ass Riddick” type. (Riddick, of course, is from “Pitch Black” and “The Chronicles of Riddick”.) Hmm, remember those rumors that Vin Diesel (who played Riddick in those two movies) was going to be in T4? Curiouser and curiouser…

What else?

They’re going to need some buttkickers, because the scope of the action in Terminator 4 is HUGE. Lots of machine action in this film, including some battles with the T-600s. Yup, the rubber skin Terminators. And there’s another familiar character that shows up – Reese shows up in a scene with John Connor. I don’t know what his involvement in the next two films will be, though.

Finally… A big aspect of the story is the degrees of difference between a human and a Terminator. By which I mean cyborgs. By which I mean human brains in robot bodies.

I think what they’re trying to say here is that Marcus will be a Terminator, but one built from a human brain. Or something like that.

Oh, and one final thing: They’re comparing this new Terminator trilogy to “The Matrix” trilogy, and word is the action set pieces are gonna be HUGE.

Damn, is this thing sounding good or what?


2 Responses to “Terminator 4 – plot details”

  1. Wow this movie sounds like an excellent trilogy… i can only say that by the rumors of it, these films will actually be worth buying! ill be waiting for this 😀

  2. tolong terminator 4 disiarin di tv donk

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