Big Dumb Object – BDO finally got to see Primer, a low budget sci-fi and was amazed with it:

Primer is a file which I somehow missed from my Top Ten SF Films I haven’t seen. So, long overdue, I finally watched it.


It’s very cool. This films shows how you can make low budget intelligent Science Fiction. But don’t be put off by the tag “low budget”, it never looks cheap, I never once thought “if only they had some money”. In fact the whole film looks awesome, with tremendous style and panache. In some ways it reminds of the atmospheric cinematography of Gattaca.

And intelligent. Oh yes. The plot revolves around time travelling. It will hurt your brain, as true time travelling stories should. Watch it, then watch it again to try and make more sense, then watch it again. It’s a beautifully paced plot.

The acting is also great, completely believable.

There’s nothing bad about Primer, it’s a truly awesome film.

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