Interview with Richard Paul Russo

ActuSf – ActuSf made interview with Richard Paul Russo:

ActuSF : We are discovering you in France with “Ship of Fools” and “The Rosetta Codex”. Tell us how you would describe yourself. How did you meet Science Fiction and what pushed you into writing some ?
Richard Paul Russo : I first began reading science fiction when I was young, 8 or 9 years old, and read quite a lot of it through my teenage years. I lost interest for a few years, then started reading it again when I discovered the New Wave writers like Roger Zelazny, Joanna Russ, Samuel R. Delaney, Robert Silverberg, Ursula LeGuin, J.G. Ballard and others. I was about 20 years old at the time, and that’s also when I started writing. As I was learning to write, I wrote different kinds of stories, including literary fiction and science fiction and mysteries, because I was interested in many types of fiction. I was not a very good writer at that time, however, and did not publish any of those stories.
I was learning, however, and slowly getting better. The most important thing is that I began to truly take writing seriously. For a time I concentrated on literary fiction, and published a few stories in small literary magazines. Then I switched to writing science fiction, because it was more interesting and exciting to me. It took me a few more years of writing stories that I couldn’t publish until I eventually began to write stories that were good enough, and in 1985 I started selling regularly.

ActuSF : By the way, why did you choose science fiction for those two novels ? As an author, what do you like in this type of literature ? What appeals you in the Space ?
Richard Paul Russo : I have written only science fiction over the last twenty years, which includes eight novels and more than thirty short stories. As a writer, there is something exciting and energizing to me about writing science fiction. It’s difficult for me to articulate the reasons, but part of it is that science fiction allows me to take unusual and different approaches to writing, no matter what I’m writing about. My primary interest is always people, but with science fiction I can look at people in a truly different way, and that’s exciting to me. Also, science fiction seems the best way to explore how we are moving into the future even as we are living in the present.
While I’ve written science fiction that takes place here on Earth in very near future, such as my second novel, Subterranean Gallery, and the Carlucci novels, I am just as attracted to writing science fiction that takes place in deep space and in the far future. For me, there is something very awe-inspiring, as well as frightening, about the vast size and scale of the universe, especially our own relationship to it, and one of the most effective ways to explore and convey that is by writing about the far future, and setting stories in deep space, far in time and space from our contemporary lives.


Read the rest of the interview at ActuSf 

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