HOST 2 !

Scifi Japan – One of the best monster movies for me is definitely Korean hit Host. It really surprised me with good quality and nice effects. It wasn’t perfect but it was like 1000 times better then anything from Hollywood. So I was very happy to here that there will be a sequel. I just hope it comes out just as good as the original.
Here are some updates of Host 2.

This past summer, the Korean studio Chungeorahm Film announced that they would be making a follow-up to their international success THE HOST (Gwoemul, 2006). Now Choi Yong-bae, CEO of Chungeorahm and producer of THE HOST has revealed some interesting tidbits for the upcoming sequel.

Read the whole article at Scifi Japan.


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  1. Thanks for your interest in our articles. We do request that you not copy and paste entire articles from SciFi Japan… we do a lot of research and writing for our reports so it is unfair for other sites to just take our work without our consent.

    We do allow (and appreciate) other sites to post links to our reports, so please feel free to copy one photo and the the first paragraph for any article followed by a link back to the original report on SFJ.

    Thanks for your understanding, and best of luck with Scifirama.

  2. Will do!

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