Sunday reading: Post mortal syndrome

Cosmos Magazine – Can science find a way to defeat death? Will it offer humans the gift of potentially endless, healthy life – and if so, at what cost? Will people spared the curse of ageing, and even of mortality itself, become inhuman – or more human than ever? And who or what will control this perilous boon? Government or corporations? ‘Faith-based’ caregivers? Organised crime? Or individual choice?

Post Mortal Syndrome is an exciting blend of thriller and science fiction, with a poignant love story at its heart.

Post Mortal Syndrome began publication on 16 April 2007, and was published every weekday, five days a week, in tasty, bite-sized chunks that could be enjoyed in a few minutes. The serialisation ended on 2 July 2007, but you can still enjoy Australia’s first online serialisation of a novel by reading each stimulating chapter at your own pace here.

Damien Broderick is one of Australia’s most respected science fiction writers and author of K-machines, winner of the 2007 Aurealis award for best science fiction novel. Barbara Lamar is a Texan lawyer and permaculture farmer, with a degree in mathematics. The two married in Melbourne in 2002, and currently live in San Antonio, USA.

Read the novel here.


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