James Patterson’s Maximum Ride to be manga series

SF ScopeYen Press, Hachette’s graphic novel imprint, will be publishing manga versions of James Patterson‘s young adult science fictional thriller series Maximum Ride. The 30-page manga installments will appear in Yen Press’s new monthly manga anthology, Yen Plus (which will debut next summer as a 460-page, $8.99 volume available in book stores, comic shops, and by subscription. The Maximum Ride manga will be a feature in the debut issue.

The Angel Experiment, the first book in the series, was published by Little, Brown in 2005. The series focuses on 14-year-old Maximum Ride and her “flock”—a band of kids who have escaped the lab where they were bred as 98% human and 2% bird (wings being a key component) and developed a variety of other-worldly talents.

Kurt Hassler, co-publishing director of Yen Press, said of the acquisition, “We are thrilled that James has chosen to bring this dynamic property to the rapidly growing medium of manga.”

Patterson replied “I am completely over the moon that Max’s story will be told in manga editions.”

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