Sexy numbers

Online games counts Top 10 sexiest women in sci-fi series.

Asylum also counts down Top 13 sexiest women in space.

Morena Baccarin from Firefly is my favorite 😉 .


2 Responses to “Sexy numbers”

  1. Why the hell has everything have to be about sexiness when it comes to women of any genre? What about brains, personality, character, entrepreneurial spirit, independence, etc.?

    Don’t get me wrong. I like how sexy women look. Except five minutes into a conversation with a typical sexy woman I’d rather kill myself than continue talking. They’re usually just using their looks to cover up a serious lack of everything else. We should not be rewarding this.

  2. Who’s rewarding what? I don’t see any prizes. They’re just here for us to look. So, we look 🙂 . What’s the problem? I understand what you’re saying but Scifirama isn’t here to change people’s viewpoints on gender differences. It’s about scifi, fiction…you know – fun!
    And, hold to your horses – looking beautiful women for me is fun 😉

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