Rogue Angel soon

SciFi ChickFrom IDW’s press release:

Starting in February, explosive pulp adventure takes on a whole new meaning when IDW Publishing and Gold Eagle Books ( release the first issue of their newly formed publishing partnership—Rogue Angel: Teller of Tall Tales, an original comic book tale featuring Gold Eagle’s bestselling prose heroine, Annja Creed, the daring archeologist and modern heir to Joan of Arc’s mystical sword.

Rogue Angel: Teller of Tall Tales, a five-issue miniseries, is scripted by Harvey Award-winning writer/editor Barbara Randall Kesel (Hellboy: Seed of Destruction), illustratedby Renae De Liz (Nightmare World), and inked and colored by Ray Dillon (Noble Causes). Rebecca A. Wrigley (Disney Feature Animation) will provide covers for the series, and the debut issue will also feature a variant cover by Rogue Angel novelcover artist Tim Bradstreet (Punisher). In this miniseries, Annja’s drive to explore unrecorded, shadowy history leads her to Virginia City in search of a rumored manuscript that could change the public perception of Mark Twain forever.

Rogue Angel: Teller of Tall Tales #1 will be in stores in February and is available for pre-order now with Diamond Previews Code DEC073714.


One Response to “Rogue Angel soon”

  1. johnmulligan Says:


    I do promotion for Gold Eagle online, and I have the advance pdf for comic Rogue Angel #1, Teller of Tall Tales.

    If you’d be interested in reviewing, shoot me an email and I’ll get that to you.


    John (

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