Deus Ex III

One of the best video games of all times is back. After Deus Ex II (which sucked big time) I’m a bit skeptical about this one also but with Warren Spector out of the picture I have faith that Deus Ex III will go back to the roots and be more similar to the original game. I kind off got that faith from Eidos Montreal’s general manager Stephane D’Astous interview:

Everyone knows what worked well on the first one and what the second one tried, but now we’re five years later, even seven years later from the first Deus Ex. I think we have the possibility to have a fresh look. I think the franchise is at a turning point in its life where new blood will be good, but also respect for the history of that great franchise. With the new technology available now, we really want to give a second wind to this franchise.

Until some more information is published (or leaked) from Eidos enjoy in this short teaser…

…and GlobalNode’s (youtube user), very detail, analysis of every little thing that you see in trailer above:

Deus Ex 3 Trailer – Flashing Image Analysis

Deus Ex 3 Trailer – Fetus Analysis

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  1. Play Syndicate Says:

    Well done. Thank you, man.

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