Top 10 SF video’s online

AC – Associated Content

10. Starship Akuno

While the acting and words are layered in cheese, it really does show what can be done with graphics on small budgets and less time. Now just think, if great writers got behind it with good actors we’d have… oh, ya, Star Trek.

But the story isn’t that bad, if short. A little cliché. The graphics are what make this interesting.

9. They Are Made Out of Meat

Two aliens get together to discuss what they have learned about the human race. They are made out of meat. Begs the question “what are the aliens made of?”

8. Welcome Back Mr. Fox

You wake up one morning and discover you died and have been cryogenically frozen. Alright, now what? Mr. Fox is not a very nice man, and he keeps wondering why he can’t get out of the bed, or light his own cigarette.

7. Still Life

This is one trippy ride. It starts with a driver popping pills and coffee to stay awake. What happens next is surreal, to say the least.

6. Darkling

This is more in the realm of horror then SF, but it’s a very well made movie. The camera angels, glides, and the little star of the movie are very well put together.

Premise? Leave one imaginative 12 year old home alone in a house with lots of noises, then sit back and see what happens.

5. Non-Abductees Anonymous

This mocumentery is simply hilarious. Are aliens prejudice? Is it a visibility problem? What can we, non-abductees, do to get abducted?

4. Short Wars- The Menacing Phantom Clones

This spoof of Star Wars is funny, and well made with a good story line that takes in the whole Star Wars collection, making remarks and fun of every movie along the way. The actors aren’t bad either, doing good imitations of different people, and in general being rather funny.

3. Kuku

This adorable little animated robot takes the cake. It’s cute, witty, and to the point with lots of feeling, and no words but those written on the posters. Heart wrenching to say the least.

2. Rock Fish

The best animated short, and one of the best sci-fi pieces on the web. This beautifully detailed movie is about a fisherman, but he doesn’t fish for those slippery little things in lakes, no. He hunts gigantic fish that swim through the very rock beneath him. Not a word is spoken in the entire movie, but somehow the action, suspense, and detailed surroundings make up for lack of dialog.

And the best, all time, SF video on the web:

1.Star Wars Revelations

Many fan fic movies and shorts have been made for both Star Wars and Star Trek, but this 45 minute film by Panic Struck Productions has to be the best of all of them. Taking three years and $18,000 to create, this is a masterful work.

Revelations takes place between Episodes 3 and 4, where Darth Vader and the Emperor are hunting the Jedi. The send the Emperors Hand to discover a lost artifact, one that may be the key to destroying the Jedi for good.

Pantic Struck took their idea a step farther allowing you to download everything to make your own DVD of the movie, including interviews, how it was made, and a cover and poster for your DVD.


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