I Am legend banners

Moviesoon Hong Kong released a bunch of “I legend” banners. I posted Lisbon, Portugal version of the banner, if you want to see the rest go here. If you missed the trailer or previous announcements you can find more information on I Am Legend official web site.


One Response to “I Am legend banners”

  1. Harry David Candela Says:

    Perhaps “I Am Legend” is being kept out of China because the Chinese Communist Party is still ashamed of the corruption that caused their own public health failures during the SARS and Bird Flu epidemics, or maybe a communist official wants a bribe today. You do not think that it is racism, do you? When considering movies, the copywrite infringement that goes on in China, and the trade imbalance made possible by agreed upon treaties, I do not believe that relitively much money would flow out of China in this case.

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