Mass Effect – censored & banned

Censors are known to exaggerate and are sometimes crossing the line of common sense. That said, censors in Singapure banned Microsoft’s game Mass Effect (we discussed this game before on scifirama), in Australia you can play the game if you are older then 15 and in England if you are older then 12. All that because if you play with female character you can encounter this lady in video clip below. The thing is that if you pull the right moves you can get her to make out with you.

“Is that it?!?” – you ask. Well, yes! It seams that this is considered explicit, lesbian sex scene. Whatever. I’ve seen better. This couldn’t even be considered as softcore porn. But, everyone can be censors this days even the most fanatical and narrow minded people.

How the f… did they allow Sims?

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