Jim Baen’s Universe

New issue of Jim Baen’s Univese is out.

Table of Contents, Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2007:

Science Fiction Stories:

  • “Laws of Survival” by Nancy Kress
  • “Darwin’s Suitcase” by Elizabeth Malartre
  • “Double Secret Weapon” by Tony Frazier
  • “Misfits” by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Fantasy Stories:

  • “Christmas Eve at Harvey Wallbanger’s” by Mike Resnick
  • “Fossilized Gods” by J. Simon
  • “Second Banana” by Way Jeng
  • “The Art of Memory” by Barry N. Malzberg and Jack Dann


  • “Countdown to Armageddon, Episode Two” by Edward M. Lerner
  • “Fish Story, Episode Ten” by Dave Freer, Eric Flint and Andrew Dennis

Introducing Stories:

  • “Inheritance” by David Wesley
  • “Queen’s Mask” by Barbara Tarbox


  • “Rubber Sciences” by Norman Spinrad
  • “Title” by Stephen Euin Cobb


  • “A Holy Terror” by Ambrose Bierce


  • “Breeding like Rabbits — or Hugos” by Mike Resnick
  • “Pleistocene Park” by Mike Resnick
  • “The Pig in A Poke Factor” by Eric Flint
  • “From the Catacombs” by Barry N. Malzberg
  • “December 2007” by Stephen Euin Cobb

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