Hate Segway? How ’bout Vertipod?

Dvice – The Segway was supposed to be revolutionary, but somehow it just didn’t do it for us. However, this Vertipod is like a flying Segway. Now that’s different. Fueled by gasoline or ethanol, its 440cc lawnmower-like engine can propel the craft at 40 MPH, fifteen feet above the ground. Its controls are similar to a Segway; you lean in the direction you’d like to fly, although it’s also equipped with a rudder that steers it from side to side.Sound like fun? The Vertipod’s creator, high-tech flying car tinkerer Pete Bitar, says for $10,000 you’ll soon be able to get the vehicle in the form of a kit that you can build over a weekend, if you’re mechanically inclined. It’s classified as an ultralight aircraft, and is probably just as dangerous or more so, but hey, going 40 MPH, fifteen feet above the ground? How dangerous can that be?


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