Top 10 sci-fi books (my choices)

Inspired by Jim Baen’s list of top ten sf book that “everyone should read” I decided to write my own. I’m doing the list by the “wow” factor I got after reading the book. All of them influenced my writing and further reading preferences deeply.

10. Timothy ZahnIcarus Hunt = Despite shitty ending Icarus Hunt is one of my favorite books. I was always a sucker for space pirate/smuggler stories and combined with Zahn’s way of combining action and plot twists it was very hard not to get sucked into Jordan McKell’s world.

9. Ray BradburyFahrenheit 451 = Fahreheit 451 was not at first one of my favorite books because I read it as a kid who just watched Star Trek and Star Wars so dark future and alienation of the human race was not even in my vocabulary. As years went on I started loving this work of fiction more and more.

8. Phillip K. DickDo androids dream of electronic sheep = I think that everyone knows this one 🙂 . Dick is also one of my favorite short story writers but “Do androids…” is his BEST (and most well – known) book. Ridley Scott made a movie Blade Runner based on it but I’m not a fan of the big screen story. Book is much, much better.

7. Robert A. HeinleinStarship troopers = Another one where book is a million years ahead of film. Verhoven’s movie is a peace of crap when compared to this book. I especially liked “The suit”, some kind of heavily armed combat armor with human inside driving it which is missing in the movie from some reason.

6. John ChristopherDeath of grass = One of the very few post-apocalyptic books around (in Croatia at least) but also one of the better ones. If you liked Mad Max, Fallout and stuff like that, you’ll love Death of grass.

5. Vernon VingeDeepness in the sky = This one is actually pretty new, maybe even the most recent one that I read that’s on my Top10 list. Deepness in the sky is a sequel (hmm, prequel is more accurate) of Fire upon deep. I read both but “Deepness” is 10000years better 🙂 .

4. Neal StephensonSnow Crash = Ah, Snow Crash. This name brings memories. I think I was still in high school when I read this. How old was I at that time? 15-16 y old? Something like that. I was so impressed with it that my friend and me started planning to open a bar called Black Sun. Hihi. Kids… But, really, this book is excellent. My opinion is that it’s in the same category as Neuromancer, maybe even better because Stephenson writes better then Gibson.

3. Michael Marshall SmithSpares = What can I say about Spares?! It was my #1 sf book of choice for a long time. It was the first time that I saw noir-thriller in science fiction and I loved it!

2. Iain M. BanksConsider Phlebas = Banks is one of my favorite writers of all times. I just love to read his works (including short stories and non sf books). Phlebas is possibly the most influential book that I ever read. I mean, this IS the one, THE book that pushed me into writing my own stories. It will always be on my list and I doubt it will ever leave the Top5 😉 .

1. Richard MorganAltered Carbon = Finaly #1 book of my choice. Richard Morgan is a phenomena. This is his first book ( I think ) and what a book it is 🙂 . I love noir. I love thriller. I love sci-fi. I love cyberpunk and dark sf stories. This book has it ALL. It’s all-in-one package wrapped in amazing action, violence and plot twists. You WILL read it in one breath. I guarantee it!!!

–Well this was it. My list of the best sci-fi book that everyone should read at one time or the other. I know that many people will not agree with some or all of the choices I made but this is purely subjective list influenced by my own “wow factor” experiences I had while reading them.


8 Responses to “Top 10 sci-fi books (my choices)”

  1. i’m not a fan of science fiction but the one personal favourite of mine is flowers for algernon by daniel keyes. if you haven’t already read it, then i recommend it. it deals more with the emotional aspect than the scientific aspect of the genre, but it could be a nice change. 🙂

  2. I’m not monogamous when it comes to reading books so maybe I’ll give it a try if I can find a copy here in Croatia ;).

  3. loopyloo350 Says:

    Love your list and have read most of them and will find the others.Have you read Wen Spenser’s “Steele City Magic” or Julie Czerneda’s “Species Imperative” series? They are excellent. Truth be told though, I don’t think I could narrow it down to ten favorites. I have almost four thousand and many of them are such old friends I have read them at least five or six times. Keep on listing them, it truly is hard to just decide on a few.

  4. No, I haven’t read neither. It’s very hard to find sf series translated to croatian (if they aren’t very well-known, like Bujold’s Vorkosigan saga or Asimov’s Foundation) so I mostly read on english and that takes time 🙂
    But if they’re something like the ones on my list I will sure give them a try. I think it’s pretty clear from my list that I like “dark sci-fi” tho 🙂 Currently, I’m waiting for three books from Richard Morgan (Woken furies, Broken Angels and Black Man) so I have my hands full but I do have an active “to do” list of books I wanna get my hands on…

  5. loopyloo350 Says:

    Asimov’s “Foundation” is an excellent triology. Have had it for many years and read it so many times, it is quite literally falling apart. Need to find another copy. Am not familiar with the other, but will be sure to check it out.

  6. Actually Foundation has a bit more than 3books 🙂 . Haven’t read them tho

  7. loopyloo350 Says:

    You were quite right, there are many more than three. In fact I had forgotten how many there were until I checked the website. Thank you again, I should have said the first trilogy that came out, that is how I think of it. The others that i have read are also very good, but it is always those that stick in my mind. There is another trilogy that came out at the same time as the first foundation books that is much darker and if you get a chance to read it, I think you will like it. It is written by Gordon Dickson and is called “Three to Dorsai”. It is even darker than the Foundation books. Good reading!

  8. Three to Dorsai – checked. I’ll give it a try. Tnx 😉

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