Escape Velocity: new hard sf magazine

SF ScopeAdventure books of Seattle is publishing a new hard science fiction magazine called Escape Velocity. The magazine claims to be “a multi-faceted magazine that not only publishes science-fiction stories, but also does film reviews, science articles, historical space articles, and other features of interest to science fiction readers.”

The first issue, available now, is being sold for $8.99 as a paper magazine, or $2.99 as an eBook. Co-editor Geoff Nelder says it’s “a mix of 20 stories, articles, and photos, including a NASA worker’s view of her work, and an account of a day with Jon Courtenay Grimwood.”

For writers, Nelder and co-editor Robert Blevins are paying $10 per story or article, which should be between 1,000 and 5,000 words. They’re looking for “hard science fiction stories with a slant toward the future human condition, or stories with future science as a main theme.” They have a list of their likes and dislikes, a list of the DVD movies they own (so you can get a feel for their tastes) and more submission information available on this page.


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