Ridley Scott hates sci-fi?

BBC – Ridley Scott released a “final cut” of Blade Runner. Another one? Yup! I don’t know why exactly but he did. And, oh, he still hates sci-fi.

Everyone and their mother are making science-fiction movies, and for the most part they all really lack story. The tail is wagging the dog – the special effects, instead of being the means to an end, are the end in itself.

Where do all the writers go? Writing is the single hardest thing to do. Once you get your design on paper, everything else is pretty straightforward. -you can read the news article here.

John, writer form SFsignal has an opinion about this:

– Yeah, Ridley Scott invented wet streets. Please…

Note to filmmakers: If your movie features wet streets, streets with a sheen that may suggest wetness, or any pavement whatsoever that is not 100% dry, please forward royalties to Sir Ridley Scott, c/o Fantasyland. – He also refers to his review of Blade runner – here.


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