Science fiction or…?


Imagine if you could download new movie into your media player just by touching a movie poster; share contact-informations with another person just by shaking his hand; or exchange music by clenching someones iPod. Maybe this sounds like science fiction, but technology for it is already in testing.

Japan communication company KDDI developed something called Intra-Body Communication (IBC), which uses human body as a conductor for transporting huge amounts of data. Girl on the picture holds a source of the film in her right arm and in her left are the glasses through which she watches the film – and carries it to the monitor in front of her.

Glasses are equipped with copper coil that touches the skin of a user. When the user touches the coil, transfer of data begins, on the frequencies up to 40 MHz, meaning less data loss in transfer.

This technology was developed in collaboration between KKDI and University of Electro-Communications (UEC). Testing this technology, Cscouta team was amazed with the quality of IBC transfered data.

Besides – which is not irrelevant – setting up the system is extremely simple. It is very possible that the term “digital” gets a brand new meaning: through the fingers…

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