Terminator 4: Salvation – if Batman can do it…

Terminator series was (and is) considered by many to be one of the most greatest science fictions stories. To be honest, Terminator and Terminator 2 were two of my best movies when I was a kid. But when T3: Rise of the machines came out, the series was considered over. Nobody complained, the story was over. But as always, where is money there is a will…to make some more money :).

In similar way Batman Begins opened a brand new franchise of Batman motion pictures, Terminator Salvation should re-invent Terminator story from the beginning and possibly be the first part of a new trilogy.

Terminator: Salvation will focus on a 30-year old John Connor and battle between Skynet and John Connor’s Tech-com forces. According to rumors repeated on moviehole.net, Edward Furlong will be playing John Connor. I consider that to be a special treat, I was very disappointed to see Nick Stahl in Rise of the machines. Not that he is a bed actor but – he IS NOT John Connor.
The movie is based on a script written by John Brancato and Michael Ferris with shooting scheduled to begin in early 2008.


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